Clash Fitness DVD

CLASH began as a user-led, self-help group.  Their aim is to address the unmet health and social needs of people with arthritis and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. They are committed to improving MSK patients’ quality of life and developing innovative self-management strategies for pain relief. They’re objectives are to sustain current service provision, integrate sport as a strategy to promote good health, and to use technology as a tool to manage health more effectively.

Funded by Leicestershire County Council, Clash received an innovations fund, bursary allowance to help produce a six-week, self-management exercise course. Staying with their principles in using technology to promote good health, they decided to professionally record the exercises so their members can watch using DVD or streaming services. Working with an excellent team, Christine Thomas, Melanie Moeller and Sandra Oliveira I collected over 1000 behind the scenes photographs over two weekends for Clash and the Production Team to use in social media, annual reports and news magazines. Our shoot was inside a sports hall with different coloured window panels which created an extra challenge to get the balance of light right. Fortunately, this was also used to create some more conceptual effects. A shortened version of the health their fitness DVD is below the gallery.

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